Who are we

We are a UK based non-profit organisation set up with the aim of supporting human rights in Iran.

Image by Mahsa's family


On Friday 19th of September, Mahsa Amini, a 22 year old Iranian woman was killed from a severe beating to the head by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s “morality” police when taken into custody to be educated about the hijab.

What are we Advocating for?

Following this, protests have broken out across the country against the Islamic government, using the chant "woman, life, freedom" (ژن، ژیان، ئازادی) to express their desire for the equality, safety and freedom of choice for women in Iran.

Our Purpose

Since the shutdown of internet in Iran many voices have been silenced, whilst death and injury tolls continue to increase. Through this organisation, we aim to fund research into human rights and democarcy in Iran, to support activists who want to create a democratic and secular Iran.

Image by Esmaeil Amiri Shamsabadi

- Marathon Run in Brighton and Eastbourne

The budget for our organisation comes from your donations.

Your donations help us to:

  • Support events and organisations outside of Iran which contribute to the advancement of human rights in Iran.
  • Supporting projects of building schools in underdeveloped areas of Iran, such as Sistan & Baluchistan, Kurdistan, Azerbijan...
  • Support research into human rights of Iran. 

Image by Amir Sarabadani

Our Members

Ardeshir Diznabi

Senior Financial Advisor, Accountant and Investor

Babak Diznabi

Senior Mechanical and Wind Energy Engineer

Do you have any questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.